My Issues with the LoL matchmaking

Hey G33ks, So today, I played yet another game of LoL, when suddenly this old idea of mine came up again: Why not instead of only sorting people by rank, also sorting them by toxicity. I came up with this idea a while ago, as we had a premade 4 team, that got filled by […]

My Ants keeping journal #1

Hii G33ks, My girlfriend and I want to keep ants, so we are looking around for stuff to keep them in. We would like to get a formicarium (or however it’s called) , but since we do not have the money for that, we will just use some more basic stuff. I will keep you […]

Update 4 from Terschelling

Hey G33ks, Today, it’s the second last update from my holiday to Terschelling. so here we go: We started the morning quite lazy (or atleast, my girlfriend and I), but in the aftnernoon (about 15:00 or so) we hopped on our bikes towards West-Terschelling (a town in the west of Terschelling???) where we walked around […]

Update 3 from Terschelling

Sup G33ks, This update is a bit late, but that was due to a busy day I’ve had yesterday. although, it was more a day of laying in the bed with my girlfriend watching movies but okay :p Yesterday, the squad (including the sheep) went on a small trip to the beach, tho we didn’t […]

Update 2 from Terschelling

Hey G33ks, Today, I have a very small update. I didn’t feel like doing stuff and although I found 2 geocaches, I did nothing major. But, to not let you guys leave empty handed, here are 2 pics I snatched today! Sorry that theres not much today… G33k Out

Update #1 from Terschelling – The road to Terschelling

Hey G33ks, This morning, I have been on the road to Harlingen with final destination Terschelling. Terschelling is a dutch peninsula laying above the province of Friesland. My mom wanted to go here, so I took my girlfriend with me. There is not a lot that happened to day. so here are just some pictures […]

[IDEA] Rack server with watercooling

Hey G33ks, Today, I thought about a small idea, that could potentially get the server hardware in regular people their homes, but without all the noise that comes with it. You see, I have a `Dell PowerEdge 860` in my closet, that makes noise for days, and I thought: why can’t I water cool it. […]