Another major site re-skin!

Hey G33ks, 9 months ago, I made this monstrosity: It has served me well for learning how to make a WordPress theme. But in the end, I do need to satisfy my visitors. Therefore, I have been working on a new theme! (which you should be using at this very moment!) I have teased a […]

Webcluster Project Concept

Hey G33ks, So, as you may or may not know from , I want to deploy web services on Raspberry pi’s to decrease power consumption and heat generation in my house. Right now, I’m using LXC for easy management of the sites. However, the Raspberry Pi’s do not support LXC as far as I know. […]

I’m impressed

Hey G33ks, So if you visited my site in the last half hour-hour or so, you may have seen that my blog went down for a moment. The thing that happened was called a “deface”. Yes, I do like to be as transparent as possible on any issues that I come along However, I’m in […]

Got a job!

Hey G33ks, So I got some great news, some news that I already knew around Christmas, but didn’t want to share yet 🙂 And that is that I finally managed to get a job! How did I get it? Well, after I quit school, I started a study at a small business. After a year, […]

Capitalism taking down (yet) another great product

Hey G33ks, As you guys know, I wanted a Pebble Smartwatch since I first heard of it. It was the first smartwatch that had functionality, but without all the bells and whistles like touchscreen, a speaker etc. Since this summer, I am a proud owner of a Pebble Time. However, I got both shocked and […]

My Ants Keeping Journal #4 – The first worker? :O

Hey G33ks, So I spend last night at my girlfriends place, to which I headed pretty much immediately after school. Before I went off to school, I did a quick checkup on the ants, but nothing major had changed since the third journal. Today, I came home, and after a while, I decided to checkup […]

Kandicraft Shutdown

Hey G33ks, So today, I decided that Kandicraft will be shutdown. Why? because I’m moving on to new projects. The server took tons of resources, yet didn’t give me anything in return. No better reputation, no donations, not even players just hitting me up for fun… So yea… it might be that I continue it […]

Big site updates

Hey G33ks, It’s about a year since this website got launched, and I thought: let’s give it an update! I’ve already done these changes: Infiniscroll (just scrolling down to load new posts instead of having to press “show next page” Installed Jetpack to increase functionality and security Added “share” buttons so you can easily share […]

Shop getting removed

Hey G33ks, So as the shop isn’t getting used, I decided to remove it soon. This is to save some server resources and to keep the site more secure (more code == more vulnerabilities). Donations will still remain possible, but I will have to make a seperate page for that. I hope you guys agree […]

Pictures might be screwed up

Hey G33ks, So I was trying to watermark all my pictures (still looking for a way do do this nicely in WordPress), and I came across some plugin… It worked like I expected… sorta… At first, the images where watermarked like I expected, but I noticed that the scaling was a bit to big, so […]