Why where my services down without notifying us?

Hii G33ks, Normally when I do maintenance on my servers, I notify you guys through my Facebook page (Facebook for the small updates, WordPress for the big updates). However, yesterday’s (and this morning’s) maintenance where no ordinary maintenance. While I started diner with my parents, everything was running just fine. But as we approached the […]

Hyperboria public node live!

Hey G33ks, Yesterday, I started to work on a Hyperboria (CjDNS) public node, and now it’s live! Here are the credentials you need: “”: { “login”: “public”, “password”:”t3wyn6n807pt76wh4dcku81sh0t3y5h”, “publicKey”:”mlp58wzxwy9rvju3kfn3b9s2lpu6uyy6bv8p8150yzkz21z7f970.k”, } Enjoy! G33k Out

[EXPIRED][Giveaway] 10 Random STEAM Games!

Hey G33ks, because I want to get some more exposure on the web, I decided to do a giveaway for 10 random steam games! (one lucky winner) Below is the stuff you can use to enter the giveaway. I wish ya’ll good luck! G33k Out 10 Random STEAM Games

Working on a schedule!

Hey G33ks, In order to try to make my uploads and livestreams more predictable for you, I’m trying to setup a schedule. Please note that even tho it’s in my schedule, if there is something more important to do, the schedule might be delayed. You can view the schedule by going to the navigator menu […]

New Youtube series in the make!

Hey G33ks! Since A few days ago I bought the game `Scrap Mechanic` I decided to do a series on this game 🙂 the series will (if everything goes right) start on monday march 21 2016 so just keep an eye on this website, or on my youtube channel! Cheers!

ISITUP API Function!

Hey G33ks, We all know that time, where a website seems to be down. and what do we do then? we go to isup.me! but unfortunately, that site only support HTTP(S) with port 80 and 443…

Why KandiCraft might also be closing

Hey G33ks, For the last month I have worked on a Minecraft server called KandiCraft, but I intended it to be with an active player base so I have the motivation to keep it alive. Unfortunately, the server didn’t get all the attention that I wanted, with as result, the fact that I don’t really […]

NSStoringen_Bot engine updated!

Hey G33ks, Because I noticed that the `/9gag` and `/nieuws` command in the `NSStoringenbot` weren’t working like they where supposed to, I updated the engine. Also, I renamed the bot to `TeleNS_bot` (bot itself is still at `@NSStoringen_bot`). just let me know what you guys think! Chiousu!

KandiCraft Public Beta

Hey G33ks, I now declare KandiCraft (kandicraft.finlaydag33k.nl) to be in the `Public Beta` state! and to celebrate this, I have made a little gift for you! If you use the shop, and put ANYTHING you want in the cart! Just enter promocode KCBETA when checking out to get 25% off, with no limit on what […]

OHD is back!

Hey G33ks, After alot of effort and stuff, OHD is back! https://ohd.finlaydag33k.nl/ now you might already have seen it on my facebook page, but I forgot to update my blog :p sorry G33k Out