Q&A #3

Hey G33ks, So, it has been nearly 2 months… 2 months already? wow… 2 months already… time flies does it? Ehm yea… so where was I? Oh yea, I was gonna give a Q&A, weren’t I? Well, let’s dive into the questions! Well.. to be honest, I don’t make music a lot anymore. I’ve pretty […]

Q&A #2

Hey G33ks, So, I’ve collected question for Q&A #2! Ready for it? Here we go! Except that some skrub that I know now won’t talk to me anymore (because she is from that school and “feels responsible”), pretty much nothing actually. I did nothing wrong, so how would it have consequences for me? Because they […]

Q&A #1

Hey G33ks, A long requested topic on my blog: Q&A’s 🙂 So I’ve collected some questions that you’ve given me over the time by mail and stuff, and I’m going to answer them! You ready? Let’s dive in! Well, this is actually an odd story. Back when I got started, I never really thought about […]