Gridcash, a Coinhive alternative?

A while ago, I have posted review of Coinhive. At this point in time, it has earned me 0.03335104XMR over a timespan of 4 months. While it isn’t a great amount of money, it is something. A few weeks ago, the people over at hit me up and asked if I wanted to write a […]

My Journey with FreeDrum

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Sweden. When opening this package, I got a free drum kit? Can’t remember ordering one of those, and my tight finances can’t really afford the thing. It was clearly intended for me, as my name and address and everything were on the label. Odd, but hey, […]

ASG Zastava M70 Varmint Review (Spoiler alert: it sucks)

Hey G33ks, So I recently started airsofting and my rifle was an ASG Zastava M70 Varmint. As somebody who doesn’t run a lot and rather just set up a tent, I decided a sniper rifle would be what I need. Last Sunday, I took it to the fields at and boy, what did I regret […]

Coinhive Review

The name “Coinhive” is generally associated with malware, and I don’t fully disagree with it. It has been used by The Pirate Bay, in malicious advertisements, malicious browser extensions and other sketchy stuff. However, Coinhive itself has nothing to do with the way malicious people abuse it. It’s like saying Telegram and Whatsapp are bad […]

Bitrush Review!

Hey G33ks, I decided I wanted to buy some Litecoin, so I took a small gamble to buy them from a site called after I tried (which was a potential scam, a dangerous one). It’s a company based in The Netherlands (this means everything is a bit tighter and easier to verify, but don’t get […]

1 Year on Ubuntu Touch!

Hey G33ks, I’m running Ubuntu Touch for a solid year now, and I decided to let you guys know my experience. Introduction When I first heard about Ubuntu Touch, I, as a Ubuntu fanatic, got excited to the max! Around the time that I had to get a new phone, because my HTC phone had […]