Optimizing your infrastructure to make WordPress run snappier!

WordPress is an easy platform with its benefits. As I have seen many requests on how to speed up a website, I have made a list of points that you should look into. This information can be very effective as without taking any tuning, you could end up with a website that even a sloth […]

Bitcoin Mining Algorithm Explained

Hey G33ks, With the current mining craze, A very frequent question I ask about mining is: “What is my PC actually doing?” So for those people, I have decided to make this post. This post does assume that you already know what mining does in the global lines. If not, then go watch this video […]

Installing TechnicSolder on Ubuntu 16.04

Hey G33ks, So today, I wanted to make a Minecraft Modpack using . In case you don’t know yet, a Modpack is a bundle of Mods (or Modifications) for a specific game, in this case, Minecraft! On the TechnicPack site, they recommended to use in order to manage versioning n stuff. So I decided to […]

Fixing “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” in wordpress

Hey G33ks, So, it’s a very common thing to see with WordPress: your browser telling that there are too many redirects. This most often the case when you combine WordPress with CloudFlare. There is a simple solution for this: Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer by WebAware. This is the plugin I also use to handle […]

A noob’s guide to Sealed Deck

Hey G33ks, So, the Amonkhet pre-release is coming this weekend! I’ll be attending at a 2HG (Two-Headed Giant) event in Delft on April the 23rd with my girlfriend as my partner. However, she is a novice when it comes to Deck building, so I decided to share my tips with you guys as well! Please […]

How to make a Leek pie!

Hey G33ks, So my girlfriend’s parents introduced me to Leek pie a while ago. I really like it, and so I decided to make one myself. Yesterday, I made it with my mum, and it looked like this: I posted the pictures to my Facebook and Twitter, and got some questions how I made it […]

Fixing OBS-Studio Error: “Bad File Path”

Hey G33ks, So today I decided to switch to OBS-Studio since Beam.Pro doesn’t support RTMP anymore. This meant I had to enter a lot of settings again. While trying to enter my record path, I got the error “Bad File Path” thrown at my face. I was used to the file path used in OBS-Classic, […]

Claiming a steam-gift with region limitation

Hii guys, So I had a steam-gift laying in my inventory which I won at a giveaway, but it was locked for the Russian Regions.. But I decided to just go on and try to claim it anyways. So here I will share you the steps on how I did it. (unfortunately, I didn’t make […]