Fixing Share link for Flatfull’s Musik Theme

Hey G33ks, So today I joined DevineHQ and opened it with a nice Makina & Powerstomp mix. But when I wanted to share it to my facebook, I noticed something: When I hit share, it would open the Facebook share dialog in the SAME tab as DevineHQ, and after sharing, it would close the tab. […]

How to fix “Minergate not found!”

Hii Geeks, I’ve seen that all Debian based machines, have issues with the Minergate GUI. It throws me an error about the fact that is not found. Got the same issue? well, here is the solution, just install this deb –> this one with wget && sudo dpkg -i libpcre16-3_8.38-3.1_amd64.deb and the GUI […]

Netflix Genre filter

Hii G33ks, Everybody uses netflix, But the amount of movies and series can be overwelming, so here is a small hack that can help you sift trough all the content! all you have to do is copy this url: But, before hitting enter, you have to replace the 3 X’s with a code. this […]