Improved ranking system for League of Legends

Hey guys, As you know, I’ve been playing League of Legends for over 6 years now.And you probably also know that I’m a hard stuck bronze player.However, I’ve seen plenty of games where I was simply baffled: “these morons are silver 2, yet I’m hard stuck in bronze?” So, I started to think, what could […]

Fix these damn voting issues already…

So, 3 days till the Dutch elections for the local council. These elections are even WORSE than those for the House of Representatives… In I have written about issues with voting. However, luckily in the House of Representatives, we have a faction called “Niet-Stemmers”. They are basically the same as the Spanish faction “Escaños en […]

My Journey with FreeDrum

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Sweden. When opening this package, I got a free drum kit? Can’t remember ordering one of those, and my tight finances can’t really afford the thing. It was clearly intended for me, as my name and address and everything were on the label. Odd, but hey, […]

Governments are destroying Crypto’s for their own interest

So all crypto’s are going down because governments are cracking down on cryptocurrencies (atm mainly Europe and China). They say they fear the bubbles in the financial markets without underlying value that should support the price increases. However, this is quite a fun thing. They say they fear the bubbles yet they (together with banks) […]

Don’t take Emil Oldenburg’s Bait

If you guys did not know yet, I’ve been into Cryptocurrencies since I was about 13, which is about 6 years ago right now (that’s right, I’ve been into Cryptos since 2011, ignoring the time when I wanted to buy it when it was worth literal pennies!). I’ve seen Bitcoin hitting the $100 mark for […]

Holiday to Austria Day Seven – Walking a Mountain

Hey G33ks, So, day six has arrived and after I got a little bit better, we headed to the top of a mountain. Since there wasn’t a whole lot to say, I decided to just upload the pictures. After that, we headed back, where we came by a little surprize! That was pretty much it […]

Installing TechnicSolder on Ubuntu 16.04

Hey G33ks, So today, I wanted to make a Minecraft Modpack using . In case you don’t know yet, a Modpack is a bundle of Mods (or Modifications) for a specific game, in this case, Minecraft! On the TechnicPack site, they recommended to use in order to manage versioning n stuff. So I decided to […]

Are these lad’s even trying?

Hey G33ks Okay… So I’ve pentested a few “development” sites of a school (why are development sites available on the public?), and they seemed to got mad at me (threatening they would beat me up, sue me, all the general bullcrap). Well, I got a thing for you: be glad that I pointed out the […]

New code, new site breakages!

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been working on my own theme again by adding custom shortcodes to make my life easier. However, this means that some older post will get broken as I’m removing and disabling plugins that used to do the same thing, but with different shortcodes. I hope you guys won’t be angry at […]