Idea on how to solve our voting issue

Hey G33ks, So A while ago, I posted a blog post with an issue I noticed with our voting system. There I talked about it being possible that the authority who counted our votes, may have tampered with the results. There, I also talked about a few possible solutions to it. However, I came up […]

New looks, same content!

Hey G33ks, So today is a very exciting moment for me 🙂 I’ve made my own custom WordPress theme! This means a tonne of things, but mainly that I am fully in control of the looks (as far as my own CSS skills n stuff goes), updates and of course, epicness! It already helped me […]

Overwatch: Juggernaut

Hii G33ks, So I’ve left the League of Legends scene a month or 2 ago. This is because teammates were shit (the ones in overwatch are shit as well, but in league, you could carry a lot less due to feeding and stuff), the game was unbalanced (so is Overwatch, but there, “out of meta” […]

What is going on on the Github?

Hey G33ks, As you guys may have noticed, I made a few repositories on GitHub in the last few days. However, I didn’t put any code on them yet. Yes, the code is ready to be pushed, but there is a slight issue: GitHub Desktop is bugged. Yes, when I try to sync or view […]

Want a new PC? avoid these pitfalls!

Hey G33ks, So I se this soooo often. People falling way to easy for branding like the words “gamer”, or “professional”. I know, there is some stuff geared towards “gamers” and “professionals” that are actually great, but a “gaming” pc for sub 1000 euro? no, it’s just a home-PC on steroids. I mean, I often […]

A Request to Laptop Manufacturers

Hii G33ks, So I recently came up with this idea: I go around with my trust Dell latitude E6410, however, when I go do work at friends (like programming marathon or so), I always have to bring my Razer BWU Chroma with me… This is kinda annoying since the keyboard barely fits in the keyboard. […]

Project-Cas first working circuit

Hey G33ks, So I am working (together with somebody else) on a set gloves for Stichting Cas (Link goes to their website, which is in the Dutch language). The gloves will have 3 flexible strips each (which are variable resistors). The Arduino will measure the resistance, and if it goes above a certain treshold, it […]

Why are my services running so unstable?

Hii G33ks, So today, I woke up, turned on my PC, looked at MaidBot’s statistics, and I noticed something was off… the webpage was down? when I tried to connect to the cdn/download server, same thing. Then, I proceeded to login to the FTP, same thing? When I then proceeded to the Proxmox control panel, […]

Using cloudflare? check your DNS records.

Hey G33ks, So as some of you may know, I always recommend the use of Cloudflare when having a website. Not just because it speeds up your website by caching it, but also because it protects your web server against the most common form of (D)DoS. But, some have their DNS settings setup very poorly. […]