Genesis Mining Journal #2 – The First Payouts!

Hey G33ks, So it has been a week since I have started mining with and I have already received 3 payouts. While still being quite small, it atleast is some payout 🙂 (I think I mined about 30 cents or so in the last week) I also have googled a bit more, and it […]

My Current MTG Deck

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been playing MTG a bit with my gf and I decided to share my deck here. It can be imported in most online deck configurators, but I’m not 100% sure. If you want to see it with stats n stuff, then check it –> here //Lands 2 Bloodfell Caves 11 Mountain […]

Last Update from Spain + Home (2016)

Hey G33ks, so here it is… The final update of the holiday to Spain… So here we go: When we woke up at around 09:00, we took it rather easy, take some breakfast (although there wasn’t much food) drank something etc. And after a hour or so, I started to pack up my stuff, soon […]

MinerGate Achievements cheatsheet!

Hey G33ks, So I’ve been mining with Minergate for some time now, and here is a small cheatsheet of how to unlock the achievements. Adventurer – mining from 5 locations All day long – 24 hours of mining Anonymous – Mining with proxy Autominer – Start the miner when the system starts Competitor – Benchmark […]

My Problems with buying BTC for PayPal money

Hii G33ks, So while spying on the BustaBit chat (SPAM channel), I always see people that want to buy BTC for PayPal money. Now the fun fact is that they always want to use PayPal, and most of you probably already know why: They are going to scam your ass. Why am I saying that? […]

Me and ScaleLab Gaming parting our ways

Hey G33ks, Half a year ago, I signed up with the ScaleLab Gaming Network in the hope I could get some more expose for the work I pull off. Unfortunately, they didn’t really seem to be actively helping me. I did get some information like analytic data, but it was the exact same as I […]

My problem with nearly all voting systems

Hii G33ks, It is that time again, people can vote for the “DJ Mag Top 100”. I saw a post from a friend that said “Fuck This Commercial Bullshit”, he also said that it’s basically a put-up job. And actually, I agree with him. After thinking about how the current voting system works, there is […]

How and it’s hashes work

Hii G33ks, So as you may have noticed, I am working on a Bustabit bot. However, I came across this paste by Dexon, and after he explained to me how it works, I quickly realized that the amount of games are finite. as this is how the hashes (and thus the game busts) are calculated: […]