My issues with the LoL Champion Mastery system

Hii G33ks, As you may have noticed, Riot introduced the 6th and 7th ranks of a champion mastery. However, I feel that these ranks are quite bad in the way they are obtainable. Right now it you need to get 2 S- or higher ranks on that champion with mastery level 5, and then also […]

HeadMoney Dutch Translation

Hey G33ks, The KandiCraft server that I run ( uses a plugin called `HeadMoney` in which you can put a bounty on someones head so he gets hunted down by others if the reward is big enough. for those interested in the plugin themselves, I made a translation to Dutch (also has been submitted towards […]

Bustabit but by Sviatoslav

Hii Guys, So I’ve been playing on Bustabit a lot, and Sviatoslav asked me to create a bot for him to use on CS:GO-Crash. I didn’t want to just make it for him, but I told him I would teach him how to make one. He agreed, and so we build a bot together 🙂 […]

Reverse Shell tutorial

Hey Guys, Finlay Here Today I present you a reverse shell script I’ve build during some boredom. I have the proof that it works here: View the Proof! Here is the “” (which you send to the victim): # Please support me and my development by making a donation to: # BTC: 1Gay22nGSs5tXArmABtSHGjKQTerMpptFV import sys, […]