Hey There,

Welcome to my site!
Here you can find all sorts of stuff!
You can visit my blog in the navigation bar in the top-right.
Please note that this page may get updated now and then! (and is nowhere near finished)


I think everybody should adopt PGP so here is my public key to get started:
View My Public key!

You can verify my websites by visiting my declarations of ownership
Below is a small list of them:

I broke this stuff, still working on a more permanent fix :3

You can verify it by pasting the PGP message block on Keybase–> this page

Todo List

[x] Fixing the odd width of the homepage container
[x] Adding a custom shortcode for panels
[x] Custom code blocks (one that doesn’t look as foreign, maybe with Syntax Highlights)
[x] Nicer looking Disclaimer/eduwarn
[x] Easier adding of URLs
[x] Easier adding on Images
[x] Make caption panels fit nicely around content (Sorta finished… bit of a hacky way…)
[x] Automagic image cropping
[x] Fix the table on the Projects Page