Flashing Ubuntu Touch to BQ Aquaris e4.5

Flashing Ubuntu Touch to BQ Aquaris e4.5

When I heard of Ubuntu Touch beeing available soon, my nerdsenses started ringing


After alot of work, time (about 2 months) and frustration (It wouldn’t work, and broke my phone once) I managed to get it work

Now I’m proud to bring you the tutorial on how to turn your own BQ Aquaris e4.5 into an Ubuntu phone


Flashing is not something an unexperienced person should do,

Therefore I hold NO responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused.

Continue at own risk!

What you need?

  • A FULLY CHARGED BQ Aquaris e4.5
  • A working windows PC (be sure to be fully charged if you are using a notebook!)
  • This package

Preparing your equipment

now what you want to do is power down your BQ, don’t plug it in to your PC yet

don’t go into fastboot, and don’t go into the recovery, just leave it off

now what you want to do is prepare your PC for the flash.

this is done by unzipping the package you’ve just downloaded into a place you can easily remember (I used desktop)

now goto the folder called ‘Drivers’ and run the install.bat

If everything was going alright then you should get this screen:


Flashing your device

Now that you’ve prepared your device, let’s get flashing!

openup `flash_tool.exe` from the `Flash Fool` folder and load your scatterfile



If everything gone alright then it should look like this:


Now click the download button


Connect your phone and watch the magic! (it’s crucial to hit the download button FIRST and then connect your phone, else it won’t do anything)

after a few seconds, your flashtool screen should do stuff!


Now wait a few minutes and it should give you a green thing!


Thats it!

bootup your new Ubuntu Phone (first time can take a while) and look the magicness of it!

Thanks for following my tutorial 🙂

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