My problem with nearly all voting systems

Hii G33ks,It is that time again, people can vote for the "DJ Mag Top 100".
I saw a post from a friend that said "Fuck This Commercial Bullshit", he also said that it's basically a put-up job.
And actually, I agree with him.
After thinking about how the current voting system works, there is 1 authority who counts the votes, verifies them, and then shows the results.
Now while some of these authorities show us the amounts of votes for each option, there is one thing that comes to my mind:
How can we be sure, that the authority didn't tamper the results (corruption?) or didn't miscalculate the votes?
even if it is done by a computer, the end results could still be tampered with.
Because we don't know how many people actually voted for something, and how many people where able to vote twice.
There is no identifier to who voted, and what he voted for.So unless there is some kind of way for the public to verify the results as well (and to be clear, we are dealing with the votes and opinions of complete strangers as well), we can not know whether the vote count is valid.Solution 1: We could simply put up a list with names of who voted for what
but then comes the issue that some people can be quite extreme about their opinion, going as far as killing people for it.
Also comes the issue that people can just enter fake names, which can't be filtered out as there may be 2 legit voters who coincidentally share the same name (which is possible).Solution 2: We could use email addresses?
If we do that, we still have the issues in solution 1, people can enter fake emails (10-minutemail anyone?)Solution 3: We could use something like PGP?
This sounds like a decent solution, except the fact it still doesn't solve the issue where people can just create thousands of keys, and just use those to vote.
Also, since the keys are "linked" to a person (remember, the keys are using to prove that it's actually you), this still doesn't solve the issue.
You see the problem?
What do you think about voting? do you know a way to let the public verify votes, while also not leaking the private stuff of people?
If so, let me know in the comments!G33k Out!


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