Why where my services down without notifying us?

Hii G33ks,Normally when I do maintenance on my servers, I notify you guys through my Facebook page (Facebook for the small updates, Wordpress for the big updates).
However, yesterday's (and this morning's) maintenance where no ordinary maintenance.
While I started diner with my parents, everything was running just fine.
But as we approached the end of the diner, a small storm started, and lightning stuck into a nearby tree (luckily we where inside, and it happened about 100 meters from us)
The tree got pretty much destroyed, and the very cleverly positioned routing station got hit by the massive blow, frying the power supply.
This left my block, and the next block without internet, telephone and TV.You think, well, just change the power supply on the routing stations and your done.
This has been done by the network maintainers (Ziggo), and today, at around 9:20, it all started working again.However, due to some unknown reason, my servers are bugging out.
when I start the VMs on my servers,
some of them start, and some of them don't.
The ones that don't start throw me the error Error: storage 'NAS' is not online.
Now this is actually also quite funny as all the VMs are on the NAS-Storage... so it says it's online, while a few of them are running?I will try to look into it, but the services may stay down for a while.ANd now you think, but how is your webblog still online?
Well, my webblog is actually hosted off-site :)I hope I've informed you guys enough about the issue thats going on :)G33k Out


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