Pictures might be screwed up

Hey G33ks,

So I was trying to watermark all my pictures (still looking for a way do do this nicely in WordPress), and I came across some plugin…
It worked like I expected… sorta…

At first, the images where watermarked like I expected, but I noticed that the scaling was a bit to big, so I tried to make it smaller.
But what the plugin did was instead of removing the old copy, and replace it with a new copy;
It just decided: I’m going yolo and use the already watermarked version, creating a 2nd watermark…

As far as I can tell, the original images weren’t touched, but I’m not 100% sure of this due to all caching in place on WordPress, Cloudflare and my browsers.
I will keep you guys updated about this, but for the time being, if you find a picture with 2 watermarks, you now know the story… (it should only be with the last few posts)
And ofcourse, if you don’t find any, then either I fixed it, or it didn’t screw up as badly as I thought.

G33k Out

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