Some shitass skrub tried to sell me a LoL account

Hey G33ksok, so some dipshit called "Sukinkotek" (go spam his ass off on EUW if you'd like to) contacted me on LoL asking me if I wanted to buy a D2 account for 300 euro (he claimed it's worth 600-700 euro).He claimed that buying the account would make me have to play against diamond players.
And as you guys know, when you buy an account, you will just get your ass demoted if you're not up to the job.But ofcourse, as the very intelligent sales-man he is, he said that it would make me improve as a player :')
Because you know, all high-ELO players just bought their accounts from some random dude :') Now it's quite entertaining that he calls me "salty" because I complain about being silver (but as you guys know, complaining about stuff - while still making a point - is just a way of entertaining you guys... sounds like LeafyIsHere :D )...
BUt you know, I'm quite happy being silver. Atleast I got there with my own strenght and gameplay rather than just buying an account...So basically if i'd agree on buying an account from him (which I obviously won't because it also will hurt the community), I'd have to play REALLY good all of the sudden or I'd end up in low-ELO very soon.And ofcourse, as you know, when the season resets come in, I'd be "only" platinum if I played 7/3... which won't happen ofcourse.
So next season I'd be somewhere around gold/silver again.
Making the 300 euro a waste.If I'd want to pay for becoming a better player, I'd choose to hire an actual coach or sign up for something like Pro Guides or something...
Not just straight up buy my account... (climbing by myself is feels much more rewarding anyways)
That was it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it!
G33k Out!


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