Update 5 from Spain (2016)

Hey G33ks,So I'm sorry that I forgot to post an update for the last 4 days, but I was quite busy with programming n stuff, so I forgot it :p
Unfortunately I forgot what happened on which specific day so here is what I do remember:On the first day of the missing update, we went geocaching again, hunting for one cache in Ordana.
We already attempted this cache last year, but we couldn't find it :C
It was waaaaay to hot to do a proper search, so we went into the shopping mall in Ordana (which was pretty much "next-door").
This year, we came back for revenge.
After a very short search, the grillfriend found it!
So we wrote our name in it, put it back and went into the mall again.
After looking around for a while, we went to a Chinese Shop thingy and then to the Burger King to get ourselves some icecream :3After that, we hopped back into the car to go to our house again.
I can't really remember what we did the day after that. (Friday)
Except the evening where we watches the movie "Alpha & Omega" because the girlfriend wanted to.Saturday we went to another cache:
Which was an easy find, but there where some waspies nearby.
After logging the cache, my girlfriend, her dad and I went fishing in Moraira Harbor.
Unfortunately, we caught no fishies (although I had one on the hook, but it escaped when it was near the surface)...After fishing for about 3 hours, we went back to our house.The next day (yesterday, sunday), my girlfriend's dad and I went out for some geocaching again.
This time, we aimed for:
So first off: [GC67RA4] 4 - Along the coast: View Puerto Les Bassetes.
Finding this cache was quite easy, so I don't have a lot to tell.
I think the time that we waited for a parking spot to come available was longer than the time we spend searching :p
After finding it and writing our names on the scroll, we headed back to the car for the next cache:
[GC1ZQ7Q] Fanadix: Picnic + Playground + Fitness.
This one was a little more difficult.
Not because it was a well hidden cache, but because there where muggles everywhere.
also, the blue point on the wall the hint tells about, was well... kinda hard to see.After this we walked to the next one: [GC67R53] 10 - Along the coast: Cliffs of Llobella.
Unfortunately, well... we couldn't search for this one as we didn't know how to walk.
After looking a bit better, we figured out we had to go all the way around.
And well... we where way too lazy for that, so we hopped back in the car to the next one:
[GC5YXHQ] 12 - Along the coast: leaving Llobella
This cache wasn't hard to find, but what we found inside?
His name was Carl der Pirat (Carl the Pirate).
Unfortunately the card attached to it wasn't readable, and we didn't have internet so I just left Carl there to conquer the world with somebody else.
Sorry Carl :CAfter that, we headed back to the house for diner.
After diner, we just took a dive and my girlfriend and I made marshmallows.
After that, we headed to bed.So that's basically 3 days (4 if you count friday...l of which I forgot pretty much everything, and not due to alcohol lol xD)
Now for today: Today, we headed to the Shopping Center in Benidorm.
Unfortunately for me, nothing major there...
We just walked around a bit, but nothing major.
After we walked in the shopping center, we headed to the car and to the McDonals for Lunch :3
After lunchies, we headed back to the car and drove to the MediaMarkt.
There, we walked around for like an hour or so.
They had quite some nice stuff.
Drones, Quadcopters, Programmable Robots, 3D Printers etc.
Unfortunately, everything that one could buy there, I could buy in the Netherlands as well, and it would actually be cheaper. (like a Raspberry pi would cost me 50euro, while in the Netherlands they cost about 45euro
But ofcourse, as the wierdo I am, I walked towards a computer, and installed Stepmania on it. (Yes, I tried to hack the network there, but all laptops and phones where disconnected from the demo-wifi???)
Too bad the internet was so slow that I could only play 1 game :C (in which I had a terrible score btw since I wasn't used to the Romer-G switches of the keyboard there).
It actually gave me quite a good feel of the Romer-G switches as I used them to play a game I would actually play in day-to-day life.
photo461295353655830681After finishing looking around, we headed back to the car.
My girlfriends dad took the wrong exit, which made us drive against the traffic.
luckily nothing bad happened, just a angry mother :') (which in our case... probably is quite bad xD)After we where home, we just watched TV n stuff and I wrote this blog post.
I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I will see you in the next one! (which probably will be tomorrow, unless I forget it again).G33k Out!


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