Changing SATA-AHCI to SATA-RAID in Windows without Reinstall

Hey G33ks,So today, I shutdown an old miner of mine, which means I had an SSD to spare.
So I decided to stick it into my PC as a Cache for my Harddrives.
While doing this, I had to change my SATA-AHCI driver to the Intel SATA-RAID driver...
Unfortunately, this is not as easy as just going into the BIOS, chaning the SATA mode to RAID and booting up.
When doing it like this, Windows will give a bluescreen at startup.
If you want to change your SATA mode to RAID for some kind of reason, then all you have to do is this:Save all your work (like word documents and spreadsheets) and if needed, make a backup of your system.
hit Host+R (a.k.a Windows+R) and type msconfig.exe in the Run dialog:
Hit enter.
A System Configuration dialog should showup.
Go to Boot and check the Safe Boot checkbox.
Leave the rest as is.
Click on OK.
A restart dialog should showup.
Click on Restart Now.
Go into your BIOS and change your SATA mode to RAID.
Then save the settings and boot up your PC. (in safemode)Let it fully boot and Reboot your PC as normal again.
Now everything should be just fine :)I hope you guys found this guide to be helpful, if so, be sure to drop a like!G33k Out!


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