Why have I became so inactive on Minergate after my holiday to Spain?

Hey G33ks,So some of you asked why I have became so inactive on Minergate after my Holiday to spain.
So I decided to give you the reason why:Before Spain, I was very active in mining for a while, which led me to hanging out on Minergate a lot, and the chat.
A lot of people where positive about me and my work, so I was invited to become a moderator.So right before I left to Spain, I turned on all my rigs to go mine me some coins while I was away.
I estimated that my earnings would be about 8 Euros for the 10 days that I was gone.
My calculations where correct, and I even earned 12 Euros! (so 4 more than I expected)
So I've changed back to my normal schedule (only mine at night or when away) when I came back.
Unfortunately, the difficulty on all the coins I mined became too high, and my earnings too low.
Which led to me shutting down all mining operations.
Ofcourse, this also led to not having a good reason to continue on Minergate.
And since I don't know any profitable coin, I stopped mining all together.
All of this has contributed to me being in-active as a moderator on Minergate. (I sometimes do hangout there with Dr.CareBear though, but since I now have him on Facebook, that also is a lot less).So Yes, there you have it...
I hope that I might get some AMD cards soon so that I can resume Mining a bit, but unfortunately, I want some other stuff first (like a Wifi Pineapple and a USB Rubberducky).I hope this gives all of you a bit more insight on what happened with me not showing up on Minergate a lot anymore.
And to the Minergate staff, I hope I will come back soon, but the profit for me just is too low (and I need to stay efficient in order to keep doing stuff I like)G33k Out


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