Why I "Suck" at gaming and other data-intensive stuff

Hey G33ks,So I've been getting quite some questions about why after 5 years of playing LoL, I'm still stuck in silver, while the average player that plays for 5 years is around Diamond-Master by now.
Now you may think different about this (and that it's just me making up excuses for being bad at stuff), but in fact, it has actually been tested.
So here you go:The reason is that my brain just isn't suited to processing tons of data at the same time. (multitasking)
Think about stuff like:

  • Champion Mechanics

  • Decision Making

  • Keeping track of cooldowns

  • Map Awareness

  • etc.

If you would compare brains to CPUs then my brain would be more like an Intel CPU where normal people's (in this case, high ELO gamers and skilled programmers) brains would be more comparable to an AMD CPU.
What I mean with this is that my brain can do 1 thing quickly but can't do well when multitasking.
In gaming this would translate to my being able to do 1 think at a time very quickly, but when I have to do multiple thinks at the same time, I fall behind very quickly as well.This can be seen very well when playing Stepmania as well:
When there are a lot of single notes quickly after each other, I can get trough it without a lot of problems (I might miss a note here and there, but I will explain why that is later), but when multi-note steps come (like me having to hold the left key longer than the right key), I get in a bit of problem, as this means that I have to register both the left key and the right key at the same time. (which is multitasking, at which I fall behind).Another reason why I miss a lot of notes is because my fine-locomotion is off... by a lot...
It happens quite a lot that when I write (with my hand mainly) I skip characters.
This is because my brain is too quick.
My hand wants to keep up with my brain, causing it to skip characters quite often.
Normal people often can see: oh yes, I missed a character, let's go back and fix it.
Where my brain would be like: jupp, I've written all text.
And when I read it back, I missed that character. (you can sometimes see this as typos in my text where I either miss characters - when my brain is going to fast - of have a character too much - when my brain is thinking for the next instruction)And then there is also some other minor things such as:

  • bad memory (I forget stuff really easily if it isn't crucial information)

  • Bad eye-focus (My eyes like focussing just as good as the auto focus on my phone)

So basically everything hangs together.
Now I hope I could give you guys some insight on my day-to-day struggles.
As these do not just affect my gaming and programming performance, but also regular stuff like cooking and drinking (yes, I can't listen to somebody talking to me and drink at the same time)
If you have any questions left, feel free to put them in the comments or so :D
And yes, the fact that I talk a lot in the I form and/or seem to be in rush when writing articles or so are also caused by it :DG33k Out


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