Ask your questions on a forum before you head out to a computer shop

Hey G33ks,

So yesterday, I walked into a computer shop (whose name I shall not name), and I noticed that all the staff that was behind the counter where female.
Now I’m not saying that women can’t be good at computers, but I decided to give their “knowledge” a test 🙂
So I asked them Why does the UDP-handshake on my computer fail all the time? (and everybody with at least a few brain cells know that UDP does not require a handshake what so ever)
To which they replied: I think that your graphics card may be broken or your processor get's to warm.
So at this point, I had to keep in my laughter so I could “test” them a bit more.
Then I asked: Then what graphics card should I take?
To which they replied: I recommend taking an Apple or Samsung graphics card, because they are the most popular.
Again, I had to hold in my laughter for one last test.
I asked them What would it cost me to get my PC repaired?
Girl behind the counter: That would cost about 1000 Euro.
To which I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore and said the following: First of all, UDP doesn't require a handshake at all, everybody with at least some knowledge knows this. Second, A graphics card is not network related at all, it's related to the network card. Third, Apple and Samsung don't make graphics card that you can just purchase, neither are they the most popular, AMD and Nvidia are. and finally, a thousand frigging euros for this repair? my whole PC costed me just 600 Euro, why is it a thousand dollar to get a graphics card replaced? do I get a massive upgrade from it as well?

After which one of the managers (a dude this time) came out from under his rock to tell me to leave.

Now most people that do not know a lot about computers, might fall for this.
And to those, I would love to say: do a bit of research on the error message you can get. (put it on my forums, or use the contact form to get my help if you want to)
Do not directly go to a computer shop.
If the internet can’t help you, then often, they won’t be able either, or charge you your whole month salary for it.

Well, that was it for this time.
I hope you guys learned from it, or at least got entertained.
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G33k Out!

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