Why are my services running so unstable?

Hii G33ks,

So today, I woke up, turned on my PC, looked at MaidBot’s statistics, and I noticed something was off…
the webpage was down?
when I tried to connect to the cdn/download server, same thing.
Then, I proceeded to login to the FTP, same thing?
When I then proceeded to the Proxmox control panel, I noticed that the VMs had locked up.
But when I walked to the NAS, I saw a kernel panic?
I rebooted the NAS, and everything ran fine for 5 minutes, before it all crashed again.
Upon investigation, I noticed that one of the hard drives in my NAS was running very poorly (bad sector?)
so I realized, that I had to get everything backed up before I proceeded to fix the issue.
and so I am (it’s still running right now, but it can take 5-6 hours for it to complete with the poor performance of my hard drives).

Now I am “lucky” that It’s my birthday soon, which means I should get some money off that, but it will go at a cost of me buying a new camera…
I will have to buy 4 new hard drives. I will go for 4x1TB because then I can put my drives in either RAID10 or RAID5 (I never do RAID5 with just 3 drives…)
using just 1 TB drives isn’t a big deal for me (in fact, I’m using 4x80GB right now) as I’m pretty much not affected by the “get more capacity, use more capacity”.

And now the part that probably is less boring for you:
How could I have stopped this from happening?
Simply said: I couldn’t.
Why not you said?
Because I don’t have the money to just walk to the store and buy any new hardware I like to.
I get only 15 Euros a week, but from this I have to always choose between a lot of things.
Do I want a new MTG card/deck? Do I want to go out with my girlfriend?
This time, I bought a new MTG deck.
But only 2 days after I ordered the deck, one of my hard drives started to be unstable.
Unfortunately, I borrowed some money from my parents, so I couldn’t afford to replace it.
Now you might say: “Then you shouldn’t have bought the MTG deck, but replaced the hard drives instead”.
and normally, I would agree on you, however, I already received my MTG deck.
I just didn’t know that the drives where failing as hard as they did.
They showed no sign of degradation before I received my deck.
If I could look in the future and predict when a hard drive will fail, I wouldn’t have bought the deck, but I just can’t.
Now there is something that you actually could have done to help me.
I’m not saying it’s your fault that my services go down, but all I’m saying is that you could have helped in the stability of my services.

You see, I’ve asked for a donation now and then and there are tons of places you can donate to me, but nobody made a donation?
This is exactly the case where I need them for.
You see, all my services are free for you to use, but they aren’t free for me to run.
A hard drive breaks? I have to pay 50 Euro to get it replaced.
My server is to slow? I have to pay 100+ Euro to get it upgraded.
I only get 15 euros a week, and a hard drives costs me a whole MONTH to get replaced.
A month without me delivering my services?
I mean, all I get are complaints from you when a service is down, but when it runs all smoothly, you won’t donate, nor share it with the rest of the world?
That’s quite unfair isn’t it?
See my point?

Well, I guess that’s it for now, I’ll try to get my services up ASAP, but please make a donation if you like my services.
any small amount will help.

G33k Out

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