Project-Cas first working circuit

Hey G33ks,So I am working (together with somebody else) on a set gloves for Stichting Cas (Link goes to their website, which is in the Dutch language).
The gloves will have 3 flexible strips each (which are variable resistors).
The Arduino will measure the resistance, and if it goes above a certain treshold, it will turn on an LED and send the finger code to the Serialport.In term, a piece of software which is being written by my partner will handle the input of the serial port and translate it into language.
the flexible strips will be put on a little glove thingy with the Index (1), Middle (2) and Ring(3) fingers.
both hands will have 3 flexible strips (L/R).The finger codes are as follows:

  • L3: Left Ring Finger

  • L2: Left Middle Finger

  • L1: Left Index Finger

  • R1: Right Index Finger

  • R2: Right Middle Finger

  • R3: Right Ring Ringer

In the video below I show a demonstration of my part of the project.
We will put it on the actual device soon (the glove n stuff).More details are to be published soon, so be sure to stay subscribed (or something like it)
You can find the current code at the time of writing here
G33k Out!


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