Capitalism taking down (yet) another great product

Hey G33ks,

As you guys know, I wanted a Pebble Smartwatch since I first heard of it.
It was the first smartwatch that had functionality, but without all the bells and whistles like touchscreen, a speaker etc.

Since this summer, I am a proud owner of a Pebble Time.
However, I got both shocked and really sad when I heard something from a friend.


Yes, in this blog post you can read that Pebble is going to shutdown.
A week ago or so, FitBit bought Pebble, and as it seems with only one intention: to shut it down to have one competitor less.

Now if they go open-source on the thing, that’d be great, but if they don’t and their servers go down, that would mean that the Pebble will become softbricked, with quite some functionality just plain gone.

What do you think of it??
What do you hope will happen with Pebble??

G33k Out

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