Fixing OBS-Studio Error: "Bad File Path"

Hey G33ks,So today I decided to switch to OBS-Studio since Beam.Pro doesn't support RTMP anymore.
This meant I had to enter a lot of settings again.
While trying to enter my record path, I got the error "Bad File Path" thrown at my face.I was used to the file path used in OBS-Classic, which for me was:
E:\Videos\Records\%t.mp4However, this did not work for OBS-Studio.
How I fixed it?
It was easier than I thought:Enter the path like so:
So without: \%t.mp4Now it didn't start recording after setting this up and hitting Start Recording.
The simple solution?
Run OBS-Studio as Admin :)If it doesn't start recording when you click the button, without throwing an error, this means that you don't have write permissions or something to the folder, so running OBS-Studio as admin is an easy fix.I hope this little guide helped you when you encounter this issue as well.
G33k Out!


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