Why I dislike Carnival

Hey G33ks,

Here in The Netherlands, we celebrate Carnival like no other (Except the Germans… they do it bigger…).
Every year, around this time, people bust out their weirdest clothes and just go nuts
However, I’ve been a youth-prince for the Carnival club/association (whatever you call it), and since then, pretty much everybody at my old club knew me.

Nowadays, I don’t really celebrate it anymore.
In fact, I actually started to dislike it.
My parents have an open-house for our club every year when the parade comes through the street here in my village.
However, that is often also the day, I just lock up myself in my room even more and just crank up the volume of my music.
Some of my friends ask me why I don’t join them and have fun with them.
Well, here is the reason!
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The Booze

Yes, I do like booze, it’s no secret (in fact, I think I actually drank some booze while on stream or so?)
However, the reason why I dislike the booze in Carnival is because EVERYBODY just gets drunk.
A little booze is fun and nice, around Carnival, everything smells like beer…
Everybody is drunk, and it’s hard to figure out who says X just because they had too much booze, or because they actually mean it.

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The Smoke

A lot of people smoke nowadays.
However, at a lot of Carnival places, smoking is allowed… indoors…
Making it very difficult to properly breathe and just filling up your lungs with more smoke than normal.
I often ended the Carnival with a sore throat from the smoke and the yelling to others in order to talk.
Also, it smells bad…
Last time I went there, I even found a high amount of Carbonmonoxide in the air.
And we all know how bad that stuff is for you.

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The Music

As you know, I’m quite picky about the music I listen.
However, the music that they play at Carnival here is just awful.
Yes, it might be fun for once a year, but the music is just too meh…
It’s also very loud, making it difficult to talk to people.
I just had to pretty much yell in order to talk to people.
I also always wore earplugs to save my ears from getting damaged.

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The Heat

Everybody dancing, often horrible ventilation etc.
Yes, it was always very moist and hot.
Luckily, in the corner where I always sat, it was do-able because it was next to a door.

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The Socialising

So yes, it’s no secret that I do not really like socialising.
if people got nothing to mention, I often just go isolate myself again and mind my own business.
At pretty much every party, I take my laptop or something with me.
If people want to talk to me, they can, and I’d be glad to talk to them.
However, if nobody got something to ask, say or whatever to keep it going, well, I’m gonna invest my time better.
This is why my time as youth-prince at my club was bearable (and I even have to say, it was kinda fun).
People actually wanted to talk to me. (unfortunately, until the “official” part was over, I couldn’t really play with other kids because I would get dirty and fall and stuff…)

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The Crowd

This is actually a major thing to me.
It’s very busy all of the time.
Just walking around is very difficult.
Because I don’t really like crowded places in general, being sandwiched everywhere I go is pretty much a no-go for me.
Back when I still went to my club, I used to always sit at a table where it was pretty much crowd free (and the nice additions of sitting next to the kitchen and a toilet within 10 seconds of walking).
It would sometimes get a bit crowded from others coming to sit there as well, but it was do-able.

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So yes, that wraps it about up I guess.
Now, there might be some more reasons, but this is just a small explanation 🙂
Don’t let me ruin it for you though, go out and have fun yourself!
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