Akashi Blended White Oak Review by a rookie Whiskey drinker

A friend of mine wanted to get some Whiskey and asked me for recommendations.
One of them was the Akashi Blended White Oak by Eigashima (?????) which I tried a while (about two years) ago, in a very small potion (about 1 bottom).
I liked it quite a bit back then, which is why it was in my recommendations.
Now, about two years later since I tried it for the first time, my friend picked up a bottle on the recommendation I made him, drank half of it, and gave half to me.
So how do I like it now that I'm a bit older and drink more hard liquor?
Keep reading, and you'll find out!


The scent of something is always important to me when drinking or eating something.
If it smells even remotely bad, I won't drink it (which is why I drink very little to no beer).
When cracking open this bottle of whiskey (which has been open for a weekend) myself and taking a good sniff, I smelled something very pleasant.
I could smell a slight aroma of oak in the whiskey, but not so much that it was just oak.
In fact, it was noticeable, but not very overwhelming nor penetrant.
Now, this is a very mild whiskey with only ~5.5 years in the barrel, which one can definitely notice.


Of course, taste is very important for a whiskey.
I mean, if you want to use it as air refresher, then by all due respect, go ahead, but most are here for the taste aspect of the whiskey.
So the first impressions were really nice.
It has a very subtle "burn" when drinking it, but not too much that you want to spit it out, but also not too little that you don't notice anything.
There is a slight hint of the oak barrel as well, but it's not like you're drinking an oak tree or something.
I can taste a bit of black pepper in there, but I'm not sure about.
I could also taste a bit of walnut in there, which is definitely interesting.When I swallowed the sip, I again noticed very little to no burn in my throat, which is really desirable in my opinion but might not be to the likings of everyone.
A few moments after I swallowed it, it became slightly sweet with a hint of (I think?) oatcake, which I didn't really expect.
A pleasant surprise!


This whiskey is definitely still a recommendation, especially for those looking for a mild whiskey that doesn't break the bank.
It is somewhat on the expensive side with a price of ~€35 for a bottle of 50cl, but it is definitely worth it.
Now if you enjoy more of a throat burn, this might not be the whiskey for you, but it's definitely a great one to just enjoy when you come home from a stressful day of work.That was it for this review, I hope you enjoyed it :)
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That's it for now, and I will see you in the next one!


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