Just because somebody is a Muslim, he is not a terrorist.

Today, I went to the city and after a while, I decided I wanted a snack.
So I went to a fish shop I was nearby (where they sell all kinds of fish like Kibbeling, Haring and Lekkerbekken).
Inside, it was really calm (because it was just before closing time) so my order could go quickly, so I sat down on the bench, waiting for my yummy fishy to be prepared.Then, this guy (I will call him Chuck for now) came in... man, what did I wish that for once, it was somewhat busy at a place...
So the guy (I will call him Alice for now) behind the counter asked the guy if he could help Chuck with something.
Chuck replied, and I'm not exacerbating this: "I'd rather not get helped by a Terrorist".
I looked up a bit, then continued my thing.
Alice was a bit shook and asked politely: "Unfortunately, I'm the only worker available at the moment".
To which Chuck replied: "I don't want to get help from a Muslim".
To which I calmly replied: "What's wrong with it? If you don't want the only available worker to help you, you should come back later. He is just doing his job"
Chuck stepped aside and waited a bit.After a few moments, my fish was ready so I stepped to the counter to pick it up.
At which Chuck said: "Don't take food from this guy, he's a Muslim"
At which I just chuckled.
Chuck replied: "Why is that funny?"
I said: "what's the problem between you two?"
Chuck said: "this guy is a Muslim"
To which I replied: "He is a Dutch citizen, he can do anything he wants within the law, and practice any religion he wants"
Chuck then replied: "Aren't people dying in the middle-east because of these guys?"
To which I responded: "No, these guys here are just providing me with the food I ordered"
I went to the bench again and started munching away on my fish.When I took my first bite, however, he suddenly said: "I don't think he should work here"
to which I quite irritatedly responded: "I don't think you have any business here right now. Get out, you're disturbing my peace"
He just stood there for a few seconds and when I finished my second piece of fish, he said: "Look, I'd like to order some fish, just not from you okay"
So I stood up, stood somewhat close to the guy (still respecting some personal space) and said to him: "Get out, now, and come back later when different staff is available"
To which he replied: "You want me to leave this place?"
So I came a bit closer to him (so he would start seeing me a bit more of a threat to him) after which I said: "You have the choice to buy your food anywhere just like he has the choice to practice his religion. Leave the man alone, buy yourself some food and get out"
Luckily, Chuck left peacefully after this.
I finished my fish in peace and left as well.Now I don't know if the worker filed a case against Chuck or what happened after that at the store, but I did my best to defend Alice.
Mean, come on guys, just because somebody is a Muslim, that doesn't mean he is a terrorist...
to be fair, when I see a Muslim with a Burka or one of those loose robes covering the body, I generally keep my distance, but I don't go to them and say they are terrorist.
One of my co-workers is a Muslim, and he (while he does have some cases of "requires a bit of anger management") is certainly no terrorist.To me, anyone can be allowed to practice their religion as long as they don't bother me with it (like Jehova's Witnesses n stuff, gosh I hate them...).
By treating them like Chuck did, we are giving them reasons to become terrorists (not saying Alice will become one after this).If you have issues with something then just get the fuck out.
I don't walk into an Apple Store just to tell everybody that Apple is trash and shouldn't be bought (I do occasionally go to an Apple Store to troll the fuck outta them).
If you want to be helped by somebody of another race, religion or whatever, then politely say so, don't instantly call somebody a terrorist, like the fuck is wrong with you?
This shit just has to stop...I hope you guys enjoyed it (or what should I even call it?), if you did, leave a comment in below on what you thought about this and how I handled this situations.
As always, stay tuned for more stuff to come around later, but for now...[g33kout]


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