Almost time to set flight to spain

Hey G33ks, at 21:00 europe/Amsterdam time I’m off to spain. the parents of my girlfriend had invited me to come on vacation with them and my gf to spain. This means I again won’t be livestreaming nor uploading content to my youtube ;-; when I’m back, I’ll do my best to get the content flowing. […]

Facebook and Google+ Logins

Hey G33ks, I’m happy to inform you that you don’t need yet another password to manage 🙂 I incorporated Facebook and Google+ logins in the site! Twitter and Github are still to come, but all in it’s time 🙂 that’s it for now! G33k Out, Finlay

Forums Launched!

Sup G33ks, I’m happy to inform you guys that I’ve launched the forums! here you can ask questions, report bugs etc. about projects I’ve made, or just have a random chitchat 🙂 Just come by and see what you can make of it. G33k Out, Finlay

Flashing Ubuntu Touch to BQ Aquaris e4.5

Flashing Ubuntu Touch to BQ Aquaris e4.5 When I heard of Ubuntu Touch beeing available soon, my nerdsenses started ringing I HAD TO GET UBUNTU TOUCH!!! After alot of work, time (about 2 months) and frustration (It wouldn’t work, and broke my phone once) I managed to get it work Now I’m proud to bring […]

OHD to get an update!

OHD (OpenHashDatabase) just received an big update. Before, OHD loaded all hashes in the database and showed them to the user, which resulted in alot of wasted rescources, and eventually the site to die. The update now only loads the hashes the user requests. Also, on the todo list, I’ve added to add support for […]

Arrived at Home

Hey guys, I’m happy to inform you that my parents, my girlfriends and I have finally arrived at home. It was quite a journey, that took about 12-14hours to complete. I am now writing this from the cave known as my room. Soon, I’ll upload all pictures of my holiday for you to see 🙂 […]

On my way home

Hey guys, I’m currently at St. Pancras International Trailstation. I’m taking the train to Brussels in about an hour or so and then the train to Roosendaal. I slept alot in the train haha, but yea, it’s about an 12hour journey so I need the sleep Thanks for reading and I’ll report back after the […]

New Site

Hey Geeks, Finlay here, Today I’ve moved to WordPress so I could update and maintain my site easier. Since well… admit it… my old site wasn’t something to visit alot… And now, I can focus more on the actual stuff I do rather than just using my site to publish my programs and projects. But […]