My Ants Keeping Journal #4 - The first worker? :O

Hey G33ks,So I spend last night at my girlfriends place, to which I headed pretty much immediately after school.
Before I went off to school, I did a quick checkup on the ants, but nothing major had changed since the third journal.Today, I came home, and after a while, I decided to checkup on my servers and ants.
After doing my server checkups, I headed to the ants, and what did I see?
The first worker had emerged!
This is a major milestone for the nest as it means that the nest should be able to survive.Now this of course excited my girlfriend and I, so we took some pictures, and made a video!
The worker may look pale, but she will darken over time.
Card image cap

Queen with zeh Worker :O

So we got our first worker! whoo!
I hope this will mean that the other pupae will "hatch" soon :3Well, that is about it for this update!
I hope you guys liked it and I will see you in the next one!G33k Out!


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