Want a new PC? avoid these pitfalls!

Hey G33ks,So I se this soooo often.
People falling way to easy for branding like the words "gamer", or "professional".I know, there is some stuff geared towards "gamers" and "professionals" that are actually great, but a "gaming" pc for sub 1000 euro? no, it's just a home-PC on steroids.
I mean, I often come at the Action (which is like a dollarstore here in the Netherlands), and they sell "gaming" mice and "gaming" keyboards for like 10-15euro.
and those "gaming" mice and "gaming" keyboards, are just generic mice and keyboards (optical sensor and membrane). nothing "gamer grade" about them, just their looks made "aggressive".same goes with "gaming" PC's.
I see plenty of sites that offer "gaming" pc's for around 500 euro.
What games can the PC handle? Minesweeper, Candy crush etc.
Minecraft? Barely, can get 30-ish FPS if you are lucky
League of Legends? maybe, if you crank down the settings as low as possible
Crysis 3? Ha, you wish
Now also comes in quite a funny thing:
People actually think that if somebody is a "gamer" they know a lot about hardware and computers.
A friend of mine bought a second hand PC (it was an "okay" thing). PSU blew up.
I recommended him a Powersupply, but he visited a "gamer special shop".
What PSU did the shop recommend him? a shitty MStech PSU :mrgreen:
and another friend of mine, let her PC be build by her brother, because he is a "gamer".
The thing costed her about 700euro and could barely run Minecraft :mrgreen:If they would have visited somebody with actual PC building experience, they could have gotten off cheaper, and still have a good PC.Just because somebody is a "gamer" or something, doesn't mean he knows how to build a PC.
Don't visit a PC shop either, or you will get something like I explained in this post.As I explained in that post, please go onto a forum and ask your questions there.
It might be confusing, but you will get more knowledge AND you get more bang for the buck.Don't fall for "gamer" stuff, unless it's actually expensive stuff. (like a gaming PC that costs 1000euro or more)
If you need some more help, you can also visit my forum to ask me for help :)Anyways, I hope people will stop falling for the "gamer" and "professional" brandings.If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is :)G33k Out


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